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About mik.

Hi. My name is Kim and I am the founder of mik.

Mission + vision 

It is our mission to carry forward the state of being strong and active. 

It is our vision that all women will live comfortably in their own skin, confident in their own worth and free from limiting beliefs to reach whatever she sets her mind to. 

For who 

For the woman who is constantly challenged to balance work, life and health. For the woman who understands the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. 

For those women, we believe we have been able to effectively address the unique fit and performance needs by incorporating style along with comfort and functionality into our products.

Why I started mik. 

While mik. is not solely focussed on fitness, the story does start there. 

March 2020, I started my own personal fitness journey. This time, covid-19 started impacting our lives in The Netherlands, but the gyms were still open. 

I was really passionate and started going 3-4 times a week. I was getting stronger, physically, but also mentally and I was feeling more vitality than ever. Putting on my fitness clothes caused me to immediately get into that strong and active headspace. 

December 2020, the government announced that gyms had to be closed for undetermined time. I wanted to keep up the active lifestyle, but found myself really struggling balancing work, life and health well. Among many of my female friends, I noticed this was a common struggle. 

I wanted to make the balance easier and also carry forward the state of being strong and active. The way for me to do that, was by creating fashion that is functional for being active, living life and going to work, yet feeling confidently dressed. Fashion that fills all daily needs for women. Out of that purpose, mik. was born.

The name 

Most people call me Kim, and a few call me Mik, which is Kim backwards. 

The most recognizable part of the brand, is the label that is always stitched on the outside-back of the items. Mik + the label, makes: mik. the label. 

KVK: 74952846
BTW: NL002045196B29

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